Rentals Tools:  

Accumulators, Adapters, Baskets, Blowers, Blowout Preventer,
Bottle-Surge, Casing Head, Catwalks, Cellar Plates, Chokes,
Circulating Heads, Clamps, Collars, Crosses&Tees, Drifts/Rabbits,
Drill Pipe, Elevators, Ells, Extension Lines & Chiksan Joints, Flanges,
Gauges, Generators, Hoses, Kellys, Mud Saver Box,
Mud Pumps, Nipples, Pipe Racks, Plugs, Pumps, Pup Joints, Rams
for BOP's, Remote Control Stands, Retreiving Tools, Scrapers, Slips,
Spiders, Spools, Studs&Nuts, Subs, Swab Equipment, Swivels,
Swivel Hoses, Tanks, Tongs, Tubing, Tubing Stripper Head, Unions,
Valves, Wear Bushings, Work Plate, Wenches
Air Foam Units:  
Units, Foamer, Corrosion Inhibitor,
Trucking Services:

  • Hot-Shot Trucking
  • Heavy Haul Trucks
  • Rig-up Trucks
  • Water Hauling
  • Roll-off Trucks

Field Pressure Testing Trucks:
Hydrostatic pressure testing for BOP's,
Plugs and Subs at the well site.
BOP's, Accumulators and Valves

Well Head Services/Machine Shop:
Fabrication and Re-threading work